10-19001Good Friday Veneration Cross

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This is a scaled replica of the Good Friday Veneration Cross created for the Mission Basilica in San Juan Capistrano.

Award winning artist, Gabriel McKeagney was honored to be commissioned by the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano to design and create its venerated Good Friday Cross. By incorporating the various aspects of the Basilica?s impressive Romanesque architecture, Mr. McKeagney produced the original cross in bloodwood and purple heart hardwoods and this resin replica retains many of the fine qualities of the original. The cross integrates the Basilica's domes, rosette windows, and interior and exterior moldings. The center quatrefoil and inset reliquary holder, hand-carved in solid burl and finished in gold leaf, acutely displays his unique ability to produce historically accurate pieces of art.

Engineered to be easily carried, the cross was first used during the Basilica's Veneration of the Cross services on Good Friday 2005. Upon hanging the cross in a privileged position in the Basilica, McKeagney was overwhelmingly pleased to have created a piece worthy of the "Jewel of the Missions".

The original cross measures 5 feet tall and this replica measures 14.5" tall x 10" wide.

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